Matt's Favorite Software

On this page, I list my favorite software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you're looking for cool and useful software for any occasion, this is (in my humble, unbaised opinion) the most definitive and comprehensive list on the web. Every piece of software listed on this page I use personally on either the desktop I built or my MacBookPro. If you have any questions or further recommendations, let me know (contact info available from ).

Internet and File Transfer:

Sub-Category Windows 7 Ultimate Mac OSX Ubuntu
Web Browser Google Chrome Google Chrome Google Chrome
RSS (Google Reader) Client FeedDemon NetNewsWire
FTP Client Filezilla Filezilla Filezilla
Other Connection Manager Cyberduck Cyberduck
Cloud Sync and Backup Dropbox Dropbox Dropbox
Torrent Client uTorrent Transmission uTorrent
Remote Desktop Client TeamViewer TeamViewer VNC Protocol

Office/Productivity and Media Editing:

Sub-Category Windows 7 Ultimate Mac OSX Ubuntu
Office Suite Microsoft Office Pro Microsoft Office Pro OpenOffice
Text Editor Notepad TextEdit GEdit
Photo Editor Photoshop CS5 Photoshop CS3 GIMP
Painting/Drawing Corel Painter 11 and ArtRage Studio Pro
Layout Editor Illustrator CS5
Poster Maker PosteRazor PosteRazor
Panorama Stitching Tool Hugin Hugin Hugin
PDF Organizer Qiqqa Mendeley Mendeley
Content Organizer Evernote Evernote Nevernote
Simplenote Client RosephNotes Notational Velocity
PDF Editor PDFZilla PDFPen PDFedit
PDF Printer CutePDF (Built-in)
Code Editor Notepad++ TextWrangler jEdit

Media Players and Organizers:

Sub-Category Windows 7 Ultimate Mac OSX Ubuntu
Media Player VLC VLC VLC
Music Organizer iTunes iTunes Rhythmbox
Photo Organizer Picasa Picasa Picasa
Media Organizer Boxee Boxee Boxee
eBook Manager Calibre Calibre Calibre


Sub-Category Windows 7 Ultimate Mac OSX Ubuntu
Partition Manager Disk Utility GParted
Incremental Backups Crashplan Time Machine Back in Time
Encryption Tool Truecrypt Truecrypt Truecrypt
Compression Utility 7zip RARexpander
Video Encoder/Ripper Handbrake Handbrake Handbrake
File Format Conversion Adapter Adapter
Update Manager FileHippo
Computer Maintenance CCleaner and Soluto OnyX and CleanMyMac
IP Blocklist PeerBlock
Anti-Virus MS Security Essentials Sophos Anti-Virus
Virtual Desktops Dexpot (Built-in) (Built-in)
Hardware Monitor Speedfan iStat Widget
Energy Saver Granola Granola
File Copier TeraCopy

Messaging and Communication:

Sub-Category Windows 7 Ultimate Mac OSX Ubuntu
IM Client Pidgin iChat Pidgin
eMail Client Thunderbird Thunderbird
VoIP and Video Chat Skype Skype Skype


Sub-Category Windows 7 Ultimate Mac OSX Ubuntu
Mind-Mapping XMind XMind XMind
Aesthetic Improvements Rainmeter Compiz and Conky
Multi-Monitor Improvement DisplayFusionPro DesktopNova
Graphical Boot-Loader rEFIt Burg
Disk Image/Clone Backups Windows Backup Clonezilla Live CD

For a complete list of software installed on my MacBookPro, click here.

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